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The Sequel Trilogy
Episode VII   |   Episode VIII   |   Episode IX
by Nathaniel Reed and Scott Swearingin
Episode VII
Plague of Doom
Artwork by Nat : Hutt in doorway, concept.
Artwork by Nat : Hutt bathhouse, concept 1.
Artwork by Nat : Hutt bathhouse, concept 2.
Artwork by Scott : Han and Artoo play a round of holochess.
Artwork by Scott : Barrola the Great's throneroom, version 2, including Watto and 3PO.
Artwork by Nat : Master Luke Skywalker deflects a laser bolt in a Nal Hutta street market.
Artwork by Scott : Street market battle on the Hutt World, Nal Hutta.
Artwork by Nat & Scott : Nal Hutta bazaar street battle, updated.
Artwork by Scott : Leia fends off their pursuers as 3PO anxiously translates the Huttese.
Artwork by Nat : Hutt battleship, concept.       Artwork by Nat : Hutt battleship, concept.
Artwork by Scott : Hutt starship, concept sketches.
Artwork by Nat & Scott : Han and Artoo wish Luke, Leia, and 3PO luck and the Force be with them as they leave to seek an audience with Barrola the Great.
Artwork by Scott : Luke, Leia, and 3PO race back to the Millennium Falcon that sits in a Nal Hutta docking hangar.
Artwork by Nat : The aged Watto reveals a little family history to Luke and Leia.
Artwork by Scott : An Imperial spy in the court of Barrola the Hutt reports back to his masters.
Artwork by Nat : Master Jedi Luke Skywalker deflects blaster fire back at the assassin, saving Watto's life.
A superb pic by Scott of Luke, Leia, and 3PO rushing through the Hutt bathhouse to the chagrin of its patrons !
Another great image by Scott, showing a bathing Hutt facing up to Imperial stormtroopers.
Artwork by Nat : The aged Toydarian, Watto, muses over his recollection of Ani and Shmi Skywalker.
Artwork by Nat : Having been killed by laserfire deflected back by Luke's lightsabre, Watto identifies the assassin and imperial spy as Muldecland.
Artwork by Nat : Leia, Luke, and Threepio hurry back to the Falcon.
Artwork by Scott : A bathing Hutt patron slaps down two stormtroopers into the water with his mighty tail.
Artwork by Nat : Artoo meets Threepio at the Falcon's entrance, as the ship lurches out of Ophuchi.
Artwork by Nat : Both Luke and his sister sense they are being followed through the streets of Ophuchi, and Leia surreptitiously indicates the location with her eyes.
Artwork by Nat : As they approach their pursuer, Luke gestures with his fingers and causes some wares to topple from a vendor's stall, revealing the Toydarian from the Hutt Palace !
In this artwork created by Nat, Leia steps up and successfully attempts a mind-control over the Dug vendor.
In this dynamic picture by Nat, Leia indicates the direction for the Falcon as Luke makes good their escape from the Hutt bath house !
In this artwork by Nat, Luke, Leia, and See-Threepio arrive at the gates of Lord Barrola the Hutt's Palace on Ophuchi.
With an impressed Leia looking on, Luke influences the guards with a Jedi mind trick. Artwork by Nat.
The Millennium Falcon soars into Nal Hutta's lavender skies above the capital city of Ophuchi. Artwork by Scott.
Han seeks out suitable hangar bays for a landing place. Artwork by Nat.
Han brings the Falcon in over Ophuchi. Artwork by Nat & Scott.
Luke, Leia, and Threepio leave the Falcon in the hangar bay and walk through the busy market streets of Ophuchi. Illustrated by Nat.
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